At Omri, we have left nothing to chance.

We take care to source of the ingredients of the best quality possible.

All our formulas are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients, in particular, essential oils and CBD.

  • Our CBD

    Our CBD (see Our CBD), has been encapsulated by our experts to boost its bioavailability.

    It has the same indications as the essential oils that we have selected but allows a more complete approach because it has a broad spectrum of effectiveness. Indeed, it responds to several indications at the same time: it is, for example, both anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and muscle relaxant.

  • Our essential oils

    Each of our essential oils has been carefully selected for a precise and targeted indication (anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, etc.).

  • The synergy of our essential oils and our CBD

    Essential oils and CBD, when coupled, act in synergy to strengthen their independent benefits. This synergy offers a double action for the same indication which boosts the general effectiveness sought. And CBD, which responds to several indications at the same time, allows a more complete and global approach, covering a wider spectrum of effectiveness. t17>

In addition, terpenes, molecules naturally present in essential oils and which also give them their specific aromas, make it possible to consolidate the effect of entourage* and thus increases the effectiveness of our formulas.

* Entourage effect: Interaction between all the compounds of the cannabis plant, much more powerful than a single cannabinoid, THC, CBD or other, taken in isolation. In other words, cannabinoids are much more effective when taken with the whole plant, and all its compounds, rather than when they are pure.


At Omri, all our formulas have been designed for a approach benevolent to the body and nature.

We take care to source quality ingredients, which are for mostly from organic farming. All our formulas are vegan and natural, composed of 96% to 100% original ingredients natural and without controversial ingredients (find out more).

Our emulsions are composed of moisturizing and texturizing agents of natural origin: vegetable glycerin and alginate.

Our entire production chain is French : from formulation to packaging, including storage, everything is done nearby, in short circuit, to limit maximize our carbon footprint.

Our containers are made of glass and recyclable plastic.

The amber glass was selected to protect our formulas from light.

All our packaging, for their part, is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.


At Omri, we believe that sensoriality is just as primordial.

To achieve this, Omri has placed comfort and support at the heart of its concerns.

Indeed, at Omri, we offer you a unique product experience.

After long months of back and forth with our experts , we have succeeded in shaping textures and fragrances, in our image: mixedtransgenerational with comfort as the key word.

And because we believe that treatment must go beyond, we wanted unprecedented support.

guided video ritualsdeveloped by experts, which enhance your experience and which you  give back the reins of your well-being. All to encourage you to take time for yourself.

  • Our textures

    All our textures have been designed for dailypractical and without moderation use.

    Our key words: textures t1>soft, enveloping, comfortingmeltingvelvety.

    Dry oilswithout greasy filmgels with velvety textures and balms with 2 different textures: 1 Chinese balm with an astonishing texture t2>and enveloping and 1 multi-balm with a melting and comforting texture.

    So many different textures that surprising, for your comfort and well-being.

  • Our fragrances

    At Omri, we invite you to an immersive experience with your senses and yourself to create your safety bubble.

    Our fragrances are the fruit of the work of a nose expert and aromatherapy experts who have developed, hand in hand, fresh, fragrances, sometimes regressive or comforting.

    No worries, all our fragrances are floral bouquets of oils essential notes which fade quickly to give way to notes floral, subtle, very light.

  • Our guided video rituals

    At Omri, the guided video rituals have been designed to help you to become an actor in your well-being.

    Coupled to the product experience, they enable a 360° immersive experience and are an integral part of our products. Our rituals are fun videos in a short format (4-5 minutes), adapted to the frantic pace of modern life.

    intuitive techniques, which guide you to adopt new habits, to better manage your daily ailments in the long term.