Our mission

  • Help you alleviate your daily aches and pains by rethinking the experience from A to Z.

    The key? A global360° approach:

    - With products very effectivenatural and sensory which fit easily into your habits.

    - Accessible to as many people as possible: we wanted them colorful, intuitive, nomadic, mixed and transgenerational.

    - Combined with support unprecedented: guided video rituals, developed by well-being experts, who enhance your experience and give you the reins of your well-being.

Our experts

  • Pharmacists, phytotherapists, experts in phytocannabinoids, noses and sophrologists, who have thought out the Omri experience  down to the smallest details, just for you.

    Our phyto-cannabinoid experts have been able to leverage their 15 years of expertise to combine with precision  natural active ingredients and CBD, which offers a super-boost to our formulas.

    Our phytotherapists have carefully selected plants for the potency of their actives.

    Our cosmetic experts have refined our textures so that they are as sensory as possible, that's that is to say the most pleasant and comfortable to use.

    Our nose experts have done everything for you offer a olfactory experience mixed, transgenerational and above all comforting.

    Our well experts -être (sophrologists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, etc.) have produced guided video rituals so that you have all the keys in hand and that you take back the reins of your comfort and well-being.

Our super treatments

  • Very effective:

    Our customers give us hundreds of feedback on effectiveness for both “small” ailments (e.g. aches) and more stubborn problems (e.g. osteoarthritis).

  • Clean:

    vegan and natural formulas from 96 to 100% in recyclable packaging.

  • Sensory:

    Our pleasant-to-use textures and fragrances have all been worked with one key word: comfort.

  • All designed in France with all our love.

    Rollers, balms, gel or massage oil, which improve: stresssleeppain and muscle tension, headaches or skin discomfort.

With Omri, become an actor in your well-being.

Since our launch at the start of 2022, more than 400 pharmacies have already placed their trust in us throughout France, so why not you?

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